Cross My Heart.

Cross My Heart

In my previous crafty post I’d mentioned that I would be selling some handmade bracelets…  I’m just waiting on some more material but once it arrives I shall start getting creative again.

It’d be great to know if there was much interest in these (I can then order the required amount of materials), so please do leave a comment if you like them…  These grunge, gothic style leather cord bracelets are really durable – I’ve kept mine on constantly since Christmas.  Simply tie them as tight as you’d like at the wrists.

I do both single ones and double wrap ones… £3.75 and £4.75 respectively.  They’re also great to layer up.

I shall be selling them via eBay (I shall notify you all when they are ready) and will post out every Saturday.  I will ship internationally but P&P will be a little extra.



Single £3.75

Double £4.75



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